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Copenhagen Int. Brain Congress

Copenhagen Int. Brain Congress.

Alex Kerten
Goodbye Parkinson's - Hello Life - PROGRAM AND INFO.

CIBS program:

Full program and info will be sent out after you to have send a mail to AlexKertenCopenhagen@yahoo.com

There will be no live steaming from the Congress.

Day 1: Saturday, 22. February 2020

The Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, 1240 Copenhagen

Check-in and registration. Speakers Deniz Kirik & Alex Kerten.

Day 2: Sunday, 23. February 2020

Wihlborgs Konferencecenter
Lautrupvang 12, 2750 Ballerup

The Cure Proffessor Morten Meyer and Real life Parkinson’s from all around the world.

Speakers will be presentet here one by one and on www.cure4Parkinson.com

Day 3: Monday, 24.February 2020

Wihlborgs Konferencecenter
Lautrupvang 12, 2750 Ballerup.

Whole day with Alex Kerten & The Round Table.