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A New Beginning…

Collaboration between Cure4Parkinson and Parkinsons Concierge

Cure4Parkinson have been invited into the Parkinson’s house of Parkinsons Concierge.

Parkinsons Concierge is a London based company that is trying to create worldwide awareness about Parkinson’s disease.

Listed below are many of the methods that Parkinson’s concierge uses to improve the lives of those affected;

  • We create monthly Parkinson’s Awareness Campaigns
  • We organise Webinars – bring meaningful topics to the Global Parkinson’s Community
  • We have contacts outside of the Parkinson’s Community, who can influence & help make a difference
  • Involve ourselves in Research on a global scale
  • We sit on Parkinson’s Research Panels
  • We are an award-winning company for the services we provide to the Parkinson’s Community – rated by Global Healthcare & Pharma receiving 3 Awards in 2020
  • We are Parkinson’s Advocates and Ambassadors
  • We Test Medical Tech & Apps
  • Promote the Patient Voice – Your voice being heard as a Person with Parkinson’s or a Carer for someone with Parkinson’s
  • Connecting People with Parkinson’s from around the world
  • We supply a monthly Newsletter, Blogs, Fireside Chats with Pharma, Academics, Med Tech, people who can help us to make a difference.
  • Promote “Personalised Care” we are all different
  • We tackle the 60+ symptoms of Parkinson’s, because we honestly believe, that if a person with Parkinson’s had a couple of their symptoms taken away, it would improve their quality of life tremendously
  • It is about the here and now, whilst we wait for a cure.
  • We are insanely honored to be a part of this community, where together we can create an even greater voice around the world to enlighten the problems that Parkinson’s brings.

If you want to know more about Parkinson’s Concierge you can visit them at the link below.


If you want to contribute to our association, it can be done via the following;

Bank – Danske Bank

IBAN – DK06 3000 0012 0924 82