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Andy Butler

Andy Butler

Parkinson Activist & Administrator of @Parkinsonspeople

Andy states the following:

“My main reason for agreeing to become an Ambassador of cure4parkinson is Elisabeth’s Huge zest for life and her never ending Energy which she channels into c4p to help others which in turn helps her.

The Charity is Young and fresh and concentrates on “what can be done” and concentrates on the Individual and how they can maintain their health and more Importantly Improve their Health. Social Interaction is at the heart of the charity and members help each other constantly. The Logo of the brain is a plus and the charity is open to all People with Parkinson’s whoever they are. I love it! and will promote the blueprint of the charity around the world so others may duplicate it in other countries.”

Elisabeth Ildal states the following:

“We met andy for the first time at WPC 2016, Portland, where Andy also participated in the World Parkinson Congress. Andy has been appointed ambassador of cure4parkinson, since we without Andy wouldn’t be where we stand today. Andy has opened thounsands of doors for us, which has enabled our international travels through the last couple of years.”

Andy Butler