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CIBC program:
Download full program in PDF here

There will be no live steaming from the Congress.

Day 1: Saturday, 22. February 2020
The Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, 1240 Copenhagen
Check-in and registration. Speakers Deniz Kirik & Alex Kerten

Day 2: Sunday, 23. February 2020
Wihlborgs Konferencecenter, Lautrupvang 12, 2750 Ballerup
"The Cure" by Proffessor Morten Meyer and Real life Parkinson’s from all around the world.
Speakers will be presentet here one by one and on

Day 3: Monday, 24.February 2020
Wihlborgs Konferencecenter, Lautrupvang 12, 2750 Ballerup
Whole day with Alex Kerten & The Round Table

Please send an email to and book tickets by paying Euro 200 per person to Danske Bank, SWIFT: DABADKKK, IBAN DK06 3000 0012 0924 82, ref: your name.
For danish client: Danske Bank, 9570, Konotnr.: 12092482, Ref.: Navn, Dkk 1.500/Euro 200 pr. person


Alex Kerten

Live in COPENHAGEN - Feb 2020

Copenhagen International Brain Congress·22-24 feb 2020

You can learn to become a Parkinson’s warrior!

Learn to break out of the harmful habits that have been slowly forming. The sooner you become aware that you can change your behavior, the quicker you will begin to feel better. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Parkinson patients can improve their condition

There is an alternative to the behavior of fear that Parkinson’s bring with it. You don’t have to follow that script that compels you to enter the body forms, shapes, and rhythms of Parkinson’s.

Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life!

Parkinson’s Disease, a disorder of the central nervous system, affects 1 million people in America and 10 million worldwide. In Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello life!, Alex Kerten presents his breakthrough holistic technique that combines dance therapy, behavior modification and martial arts to prove that there is life beyond the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

Goodbye Bad Habits - Hello A New Beginning!

For me Elisabeth, diagnosed who was diagnosed in 2013 , I defined by much than my Parkinson’s. For me, it’s a new beginning. According to Alex , I am only a baby compared to him, so I dont run anymore; I just walk. I have enough time and breath now to continue my lovely journey together with Alex, for the rest of my life. Thank you!

Goodbye Bad Habits - Hello A New Beginning!

Henrik Dahl

Dah, Henrik (LA) Medlem af Folketinget, Liberal Alliancedk. Folketingsmedlem for Liberal Alliance i

Sydjyllands Storkreds fra 18. juni 2015. Kandidat for Liberal Alliance i alle opstillingskredse i Sydjyllands Storkreds. Sprogofficer (russisk), København, 1978­1980. MA in Communications, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, fra 1985 til 1986 og fra 1987 til 1988  Forfatter og foredragsholder, København, 2009­2015. Anmelder, Weekendavisen, 2009­2014. Udviklingschef, Niras A/S, Allerød, 2008­2009. Studievært, DR P1, København, 2004­2005. Adjungeret professor, Copenhagen Business School, 2003­2008. Medindehaver, Explora A/S, København, 1999­2008. Forskningschef, AC Nielsen AIM, København, 1994­1998. Adjunkt, Roskilde Universitetscenter, 1993­1994. Adjunktvikar, Copenhagen Business School, 1990­1993. Medieforsker, Danmarks Radio, Medlem af Bio 

Elisabeth Ildal

ELISABETH ILDAL is a Parkinson’s lawyer and ambassador in the world, blogger during the WPC2019 in Kyoto, DJ for Radio Parkinson DK.

Founder of Cure4Parkinson DK.

Member of the European group YOPD Onset and Critical Voice at CCP, EPDA, Parkinson’s Eve – Team Captain Blue  Team, Unite, Parkinson’s activist and PD activist, Parkinson’s international ping pong coach 

Attorney of Law, CEO and founder of ILDAL AS and cure4parkinson. Diagnosed with Parkinson 2013, after 7 years.

*Member of Citycounsil Ruderdal Commune until 2021, member of town planning and business area until 2021

*Alek Kerten, Gyro-Kenitic student, and today a healthy person with Parkinsnon’s . Good-Bye Parkinson’ s- Hello Life

*WPC Ambasdsador Kyoto 2019 and Speaker

*Speaker  and Team Captain Blue team Parkinsons Eve, UK

*Advocate at Parkinson’ s Movement, UK

*Member of European YOPD

*DJ RadioParkies, Denmark

* PingPong Parkinson coach and player

“I am indomitable, stubborn, fighter and full of energy and I hold on to the positive in life, there is nothing wrong with my head, and I will not be judged by Parkinson’s. I am not an appendix to Parkinson. Parkinson is an appendix to me"

Denniz Kirik

Professor at Lund University
Location: Lund Sweden

Deniz Kirik, MD, PhD, is a professor of Neuroscience at Lund University and leads a research group focusing on development of advanced therapies using cell and gene-based techniques for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, with special emphasis on Parkinson's and, more recently, Huntington's diseases.

He has been a leading figure in the applications of AAV vectors both for therapeutic purposes towards clinical applications and as tools for gene delivery in the brain to model neurodegenerative diseases.

He continues to develop novel approaches aiming at disease modification utilizing neurotrophic factors known to improve function of cells affected from disease processes in the brain and mRNA knock-down strategies that can clear the mutated proteins and reverse the pathology in these cells.

He has pioneered the alpha-synuclein overexpression model using AAV vectors.

Dr. Kirik has published over 120 papers and received over 6500 citations to this date.

He has been a key figure in the establishment of the Bioimaging Center at Lund University and presently acts as the co-director responsible for pre-clinical imaging platforms located at the Biomedical Center in Lund.

He has previously received both junior and senior fellowship awards from the Swedish Research Council, the highly prestigious Research Award from the European Research Council (ERC) and very recently ERC’s new Proof-of-Concept Award.

He has acted as associate / contributing editor for Experimental Neurology and European Journal of Neuroscience, and has been a board member and president for the Network of European CNS Transplantation and Repair.

Dr. Kirik was named the Maria & Allan Myers Fellow, Howard Florey Institute, Melbourne, Australia in 2010.

Morten Meyer

Sunday morning and we are happy to present the last speaker Proffesor @MortenMeyer, Syddansk Universitet.
I am happy to give a presentation at Copenhagen Int. Brain Congress.
My research deals with Parkinson’s disease, stem cells and the use of stem cells for cell therapy and the study of disease mechanisms.
I should be able to cover this area in my presentation and would also like to present my critical view on some of the ongoing clinical stem cell trials.
I can see that the title of my talk is “How close is the cure” - we need to change that to something like

“Use of stem cells for cell replacement and investigation of disease mechanisms in Parkinson’s disease”.

Matt Egles

MATT EAGLES, will be present with ParkyLife.  He is a global supporter of people living with Parkinson’s, and co-founder and director of ParkyLife, a global initiative officially launched in Japan at the World Parkinson Congress 2019. Positivity activist, he deals with the mental well-being of people with Parkinson’s and  of their families.  Matt is an important speaker, mentor and moderator.  He was the first “patient” to preside over EyeForPharma in London and Barcelona.

Charlotte Maria

is the founder of PD Kinetics, sports science professor and member of the London applied science and advanced research team. 

Her personal experience in supporting her mother in dealing with Parkinson’s daily and her professional skills has allowed her to build programs specifically aimed at managing the many symptoms that Parkinson’s can present.

Mirko Lorenz

MIRKO LORENZ is the founder of Keep Moving and this training technique.  He is a teacher of TaiChi, QiGong and meditation, martial arts and self-awareness techniques.  In recent years he has worked with people with movement disorders and with Parkinson’s.  Collaborates with the Parkinson Clinic in Beelitz-Heilstätten.
He studied and practiced TaiChi, Qi Gong and meditation at the Academy of martial arts in China.  He also attended the World Parkinson Congress held in Kyoto in 2019.

Fancesca De Bartolomeis

FRANSESCA DE BARTOLOMEIS psychomotor specialist specializing in adulthood and the elderly at the school of Prof.

Cecilia Morosini, with a thesis dedicated to the holistic treatment of Parkinson’s dedicated to his father, a young Parkinsonian.

Expert in Theater, Dance, Body Reading Techniques, Basal Stimulations, Body Mediation Active Techniques and Ayurveda Massages.

In Italy he collaborated with the “Associazione Italiana Parkinson” (AIP) and with the neurologist prof.  G. Pezzoli.

She collaborates in the foundation of the “Associazione culturale Namasté” (Italy) as coordinator of consultants, organizer of events and head of public relations.

As a psychomotrist, she co-led groups for people with Parkinson’s and their family members together with a colleague experienced in biodance.

With the Namasté association, he attended the World Parkinson Congress in Portland in 2016, bringing an original plan for the future.

In 2019 he represented the consultants of the Fuerte es la Vida Parkinson No Limits association, of which he is the spokesperson.

The Fuerte Es La Vida Parkinson No Limits association, among its various proposals, includes wellness holidays for people with Parkinson’s disease and their families in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

Andy Butler

ANDY BUTLER founder of the independent Parkinson’s People page with over 52,000 followers on Facebook, ambassador for Cure4parkinson and worldwide PD lawyer.

He attends numerous conferences, seminars, groups and associations around the world with the aim of creating awareness regarding the point of view of people who have Parkinson’s.  

Collaborates with Web Radio Parkyes.Parkinson’s People is a partner of the World Parkinson Congress and Andy Butler has participated in the Leadership Forums for the last 2 conferences (Portland and Kyoto).

Rikke Jakobsen

Copenhagen International Brain Congress is pleased and proud to present Rikke Jakobsen, cannabis Denmark, Entrepreneur of two laps with his own company and has worked with communication in several different industries that speak at the Congress.

She has 25 years of political and organizational experience.

Educated in Nutrition and Health.

Why I join Cannabis Denmark:
In my opinion, if you have the skills, you have a damned duty to help civil society.

That's why I co-founded Medical Cannabis Association Denmark in 2014, after my own father used cannabis to relieve his cancer. Knowledge from that I contribute to Cannabis Denmark, so that we get orderly conditions for all patients who can benefit from cannabis for medical use, clear research in the area and a goal to get Denmark fully into the super league, regarding cannabis as medicin.

Gaynor /Vicki


Vicki Dillon and Gaynor Edwards aka MissTaken and MissUnderstood. Vicki Dillon was one of 42 who took part in the GDNF drug trial, that began in 2012.

She was subsequently featured in the award-winning BBC documentary ‘Parkinson’s - A Miracle Cure?’ A former paediatric specialist nurse, Vicky was diagnosed with Young onset Parkinson’s disease (Y0PD) in 2007 - with symptoms presenting three years earlier.

Vicki’s down-to-earth manner, forthright opinions, informed knowledge and personal experience has made her one of the UK’s most charismatic YOPD advocates.. 

It was at the WPC (the World Parkinson Congress) in Portland in 2016 that Vicki met Gaynor Edwards, founder of Spotlight YOPD – the only charity in the world specifically focusing on  the needs of YOPD - those diagnosed under 50.

Diagnosed in 2012 at the age of 42, Gaynor soon realised that there was limited understanding and representation for those in her situation. Having run her own PR and marketing agency and trained as a journalist, her aim and that of Spotlight YOPD - as the name suggests - is to shine a light on YOPD as a syndrome in its own right.

She was integral to a debate on YOPD day in the UK Parliament and referenced in Hansard. The rare disease status of YOPD is backed up by Orphanet  and the likes of the UK’s Genetic Alliance.

Delighted to be joined by Vicki - both here on stage and within the charity - the duo will be drawing on their connections and friendships with fellow YOPDers across the globe. With a packed schedule for 2020, they thought  Copenhagen would be a wonderful place to debut as a double act

Nykredit Fond

Bo Hamburger

A great pleasure to tell that 3 speakers from the world of sports are comming.

The elite athletes table tennis player, coach in cure4parkinson Martin Monrad. 

Former professional. Bike rider, cure4parkinson coach, writer with quite a lot 

of walking and writing. In last the book you can read how it is to live right now,

 welcome to Bo Hamburger.

 Finally mega super fantastic and double world champion, the rower Mette Bloch.

 Exciting - what can PwP learn from the World of sports?

Martin Monrad

A great pleasure to tell that 3 speakers from the world of sports are comming.

The elite athletes table tennis player, coach in cure4parkinson Martin Monrad. 

Former professional. Bike rider, cure4parkinson coach, writer with quite a lot 

of walking and writing. In last the book you can read how it is to live right now,

 welcome to Bo Hamburger.

 Finally mega super fantastic and double world champion, the rower Mette Bloch.

 Exciting - what can PwP learn from the World of sports?

Mette Bloch

A great pleasure to tell that 3 speakers from the world of sports are comming.

The elite athletes table tennis player, coach in cure4parkinson Martin Monrad. 

Former professional. Bike rider, cure4parkinson coach, writer with quite a lot 

of walking and writing. In last the book you can read how it is to live right now,

 welcome to Bo Hamburger.

 Finally mega super fantastic and double world champion, the rower Mette Bloch.

 Exciting - what can PwP learn from the World of sports?





Aljandro Gonzalez

Jens Greve

So many kind friends like you Jens Greve and Yuvedo GmbH, Germany - you are amazing.

Thanks for being speaker and sponsor at Copenhagen International Brain Congress



Jens Greve and Yuvedo GmbH, GermanyThanks for being a sponsor at Copenhagen International Brain Congress

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